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Case Study: How Tribe Solutions Helped Swarna Vatika (NIBM) Rebrand for Success.

Case Study: How Tribe Solutions Helped Swarna Vatika (NIBM) Rebrand for Success.

Rebranding is a significant step for businesses to stay relevant and adapt to the dynamic business environment. It involves redefining a brand’s identity to match changing market demands and consumer expectations.

Swarna Vatika, a Luxury Residential Project in NIBM, Pune realized the importance of rebranding and partnered with Tribe Solutions, a branding agency in Pune. The goal was to position the project for a wider reach and engagement in the real estate market that is constantly evolving.

Let’s start with some exciting figures: The teaser campaign resulted in a 15.25% increase in engagement. Before you wonder about the teaser campaign, let us take you step by step.

Swarna Vatika* Tribe Solutions

The Tribe Solutions extensive expertise in brand strategy played a crucial role in bringing the project into the limelight. Despite zero digital presence, Tribe Solutions paved the way for the project to be visible online. With a robust strategy, the branding agency in Pune helped the brand differentiate itself from the competition and maximize its potential. Now, let’s dive deeper into how the project gained the attention it deserves.

The Initial Phase…

The initial phase of Swarna Vatika involved relying on traditional advertising methods to promote the project. Although it received some attention, traditional advertising methods had limited reach and struggled to effectively target specific demographics. To extend their reach and target a broader audience, Swarna Vatika opted to shift to digital advertising.

How did Tribe Solutions develop a digital marketing strategy for the Swarna Vatika real estate project?

Tribe Solutions, a digital marketing agency, recognized the importance of a comprehensive plan to help Swarna Vatika succeed in the real estate market. To achieve this, they meticulously outlined measurable goals for Swarna Vatika, based on extensive market research and customer insights.

With the use of Google Ads, Social Media Marketing Services like Facebook and Instagram, and SMS marketing, they interacted with potential homebuyers at various touchpoints, aiming to increase awareness, create a unique positioning for Swarna Vatika in NIBM Central, Pune, and increase engagement on social media.

It all started with a teaser campaign.

It started with a teaser campaign providing the audience with hints about the forthcoming announcement. The campaign centered around “Hidden Treasure” and captivating visuals of treasure chests, with the lines “The Great NIBM Central property hunt is on!” The campaign resulted astounding, with 46k engagements in 24 days.

The revealer campaign then revealed the announcement of the project with bare minimal information to increase client engagement and responses. It included engaging visuals and a compelling line, “Hidden treasure,” to capture more attention.

By developing a comprehensive brand strategy, Tribe Solutions seamlessly integrated Swarna Vatika’s core values, mission, and unique selling propositions into the rebrand. The revamped visual identity, including logos, color schemes, and typography, was carefully crafted to reflect the project’s new positioning. Tribe Solutions ensured that internal communication within the project team was effective, fostering employee understanding and support for the rebrand.

The awareness campaign highlighted the luxurious 2, 3 & 4 BHK flats, the location, and other details to increase public visibility and awareness.

Finally, a lead generation campaign was set up, highlighting royal amenities and an out-of-the-world lifestyle, raising the bar among all the available choices in NIBM. The messaging and visuals generated a lot of interest among the customers.

The strategic campaign phases rebranded its identity and helped Swarna Vatika come into the limelight. The digital marketing agency, Tribe Solutions, meticulously managed the campaign, optimizing it for better visibility and conversions. They constantly monitored the performance of ads, making real-time adjustments to ensure maximum effectiveness. This led to a 100% increase in click-through rates and a 250% boost in conversion rates.

Through their Social Media Marketing Services, Swarna Vatika could showcase their property through captivating visuals and engaging content, resulting in a 200% increase in website visits. They actively interacted with their audience and addressed their queries promptly, resulting in a 300% boost in engagement.


The rebranding process proved to be a significant factor in helping Swarna Vatika stay relevant and competitive in the real estate market. By leveraging Digital Marketing Services, the real estate project was able to reach a much broader audience, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Are you ready to take your brand to new heights of success? Look no further than Tribe Solutions – the branding agency in Pune. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Let’s work together to create a brand that truly stands out from the crowd!

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