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Pune Metro

The significance of the Pune Metro Stations Project lies in its multifaceted impact on its residents. It provides a much-needed addition to Pune’s transportation infrastructure, offering a modern and efficient mode of public transportation. This can help ease traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and enhance overall mobility for the residents and visitors. The project stands as a shining example of how modern infrastructure can seamlessly blend with a state’s rich heritage. It is indeed an excellent addition to Pune city and a source of pride for the people of Maharashtra.


One of the remarkable aspects of the project is the attention given to "environment branding," which showcases the treasures of Maharashtra. The team of the Tribe brilliantly incorporated the state's rich heritage into the design and aesthetics of the Pune Metro Stations. From station counters to side banners, the outlets are adorned with visuals that glorify the age-old forts, textiles, bridges, rivers, and ghats that hold significance in various areas of Maharashtra. The side banners are a visual treat for passengers and visitors, providing them with glimpses of the historic treasures that Maharashtra has to offer.

  • Strategy

    Theme based Environment Branding

  • Design

    Content topic research, creative design, printing and installtion

  • Client

    Pune Metro Station


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